With three established magazines in the photonics area – Electro Optics, Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, and Laser Systems Europe – Europa Science is perfectly placed to deliver marketing objectives for suppliers in the fields of optics, lasers and imaging.

Photonics appears in everyday life more than ever before; from mobile phones to 3D printing, photonics is an enabling technology that is finding new markets all the time. Spectrometers have moved from bench-sized instruments that are only ever found in labs to integrated hand-held devices that can be taken out into the field. There has been a leap forward in the power and efficiency of lasers, meaning that manufacturing is making use of photonics with greater regularity, and the explosion in 3D printing has been enabled by the affordability of photonics components.

Within imaging, technology that is well established in machine vision (i.e. the use of imaging technology for quality control in the manufacturing process), is now finding markets in intelligent traffic management, security, and medical diagnosis.

Our experienced sales and editorial teams have a deep understanding of the photonics markets, enabling us to ask the right questions of you to help define your marketing goals, and develop a plan to deliver those goals successfully.

We understand the breadth of technologies, applications and skills throughout the photonics industry in a way that a more general marketing, PR or publishing company could never do.

Whether your requirements for marketing in the photonics industry involve advertising and promotion through our existing publications, or you need help with contract publishing, content marketing or lead generation, Europa Science is the place to start.


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